Our Journey

After a childhood of being around cars and being a fan of different youtubers such as Adam Lz, and TJ Hunt for a very long time our founder knew he wanted to start his own clothing brand. RJ started working on Modified Empire in September 2021 and officially launched the store in October 2021 while he was attending college and never looked back.

What Got Us Into Cars

Having a family of car enthusiasts was definitely a encouragement for our founder but the real reason was his fathers 1969 Mach 1 Ford Mustang that he owned for RJs whole life. He watched every time it was being worked on and eventually bought his own project car a 2009 BMW 335i and began a build he had wanted for so long. RJ also works in the mechanic field at a dealership while he is not working on Modified Empire.

Our Mission

As a clothing brand we want to offer our customers the best products and experience we can as an online store. With a 24/7 chat we are always available to answer any questions you may have. If you are unsatisfied with our products in any way we promise to do our best to resolve any issues you may have.

Follow Us!

Make sure you follow our journey on all social platforms @modified.empire where you can find new releases, news, daily car videos, and follow our builds! If you want to see more of us you can subscribe to us on YouTube to see more behind the scenes

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