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Modified Empire

Kanjozoku Honda Civic Si Shirt

Kanjozoku Honda Civic Si Shirt

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Introducing the Kanjozoku Honda Civic Si Shirt from Modified Empire, a must have for any car enthusiast who appreciates the thrill of JDM culture and the iconic 1990 Kanjozoku Honda Civic Si. Available exclusively on our clothing store, this shirt captures the spirit of street racing and the passion for high performance vehicles. Perfect for teens and young adults, this shirt is designed to make a bold statement about your love for the automotive lifestyle.

The Kanjozoku Honda Civic Si Shirt features a striking design with the 1990 Kanjozoku Honda Civic Si prominently displayed on the front. This iconic car known for its role in the Kanjozoku street racing scene, is rendered in detailed graphics that capture its aggressive stance and unique style. The front design is a nod to the underground racing culture that has inspired so many car enthusiasts around the world.

Crafted from high quality materials the Kanjozoku Honda Civic Si Shirt is built for durability. Whether you’re attending a car meet, working on your car, or hanging out with friends, this shirt is designed to withstand the demands of your active lifestyle. It’s washer friendly ensuring that it maintains its vibrant design and comfortable fit wash after wash, allowing you to focus on your passion for cars without worrying about your apparel.

Comfort is a key feature of the Kanjozoku Honda Civic Si Shirt. The soft, breathable fabric feels great against your skin, making it perfect for all day wear. Whether you’re layering it under a jacket or wearing it on its own, this shirt offers both style and comfort, keeping you at ease no matter the occasion.

We understand that finding the perfect fit is crucial which is why we encourage our customers to verify sizing before making a purchase. Our detailed size chart helps you choose the right size ensuring you feel confident and comfortable in your Kanjozoku Honda Civic Si Shirt.

At Modified Empire we’re more than just a clothing store we’re a community. Our brand caters to teens and young adults who live and breathe JDM culture. We bring together like minded individuals who share a passion for the automotive world, offering apparel that lets you express your love for cars with pride.

Elevate your wardrobe with the Kanjozoku Honda Civic Si Shirt and join a community that celebrates the thrill of street racing and high performance cars. This shirt isn’t just an addition to your wardrobe it’s a symbol of your dedication to the car culture. Wear it proudly and make your mark.

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What these customers had to say about Modified Empire.

  • Michael Da Costa

    Modified Empire is by far one of the best and my own personal favourite upcoming online store, they have good quality and afforable products and an ever expanding product selection for all your car addiction needs, me personally don’t think I could go to another online store when this one has everything I need in one.

  • Brody Hick

    Modified Empire has an array of interesting and cool items that appeal to many different groups in the car community with great people behind it who are passionate about cars and active in the community.

  • Daniel Cieniewicz

    Modified Empire is an awesome site to get great quality merchandise if you love anything automotive! I absolutely love my JDM Legends hoodie. Highly recommend ordering something for yourself or loved ones.


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